Who we are

Kyoji is a collective of Japanese makers. From highly skilled traditional craftsmanship to industrial manufacturing approaches, we seek to redefine the new standards of  "Made-in-Japan".



What do we need that hasn’t been produced yet?

In a world filled with material things, perhaps it is the immaterial qualities that governs what, why and how we consume. What are our roles as Japanese makers in the pursuit of creating a circular economy?

Kyoji is neither a store, nor a collection of goods. We are a collective of Japanese makers, pulled together with a common set of values - to create a new vision of our world, a world beyond the material.

This is our mission. To change the way we make.


Our Name

Kyoji「矜持」is a Japanese term which refers to the phrase “to carry with pride and self-respect, in a humble manner”. While we seek to ignite change, we hope to hold on to the core values that bind us together.  

Our Spirit 

Each of our makers picked a single kanji to describe their personal vision for this collective. Here are the ten goals that guide the Kyoji ethos:    
  • 「豊 / hou」 Enriching life by creating products that bring health and happiness to people
  • 「彩 / sai Bringing color to the lives of those who use our products, as well as those around them
  • 「山 / san Respecting the origin of the materials we use to make things, as symbolized by the mountain
  • 「魂 / kon Handmade objects with a soul, connecting the people that make and use them
  • 「承 / shou Sustaining and passing down our craft for generations
  • 「燎 / ryou Lighting a fire in people, bringing awareness and warmth
  • 「創 / sou Creating new value by constantly challenging ourselves
  • 「編 / hen Weaving new stories through the careful usage of materials and techniques
  • 「鎖 / jou Like links on a chain, by working together, we can do what we cannot do alone 
  • 「鋳 / chu Similar to how casting creates new shapes, the strength of people gathered together becomes something completely new 

      Press Release

      We are honored to be featured in an article on The Japan Times! 
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